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Oct 2015

Bracelets Have Arrived

The new bracelets have arrived!  They are only $2 each… ‘Reba’s Vision Stomp’n  Out Breast Cancer in the West Valley’.

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Oct 2015

Sonoran Living Filming

SONORAN LIVING FILMING AT THE HOUSE TODAY.  I am being featured Monday, October 12th live from 9 to 10, The Sonoran Living Filming will show Monday the 12th between 9 a.m. and 10 a.m. After 12 p.m. you can go to it on their website.  Then bits and pieces of it will be running all week

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Sep 2015

Thank You Smart Wrap

Thank you so much Smart Wrap and the designer Sean. You have made my vision come true. Thanks to Holly, Tim and Sean at Smart Wrap.  They have now given me a vehicle to spread my word. Stomping Out Breast Cancer in the West Valley.

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