#InForTheKill Podcast

#InForTheKill Podcast


Attention to anyone reading this! If you know anyone with breast cancer that does not have medical insurance, be sure to share Reba’s information with them that is on the description of this episode. Reba Mason is an incredible human being.

Prior to meeting her, I had an excitement to meet someone like her and she did not disappoint one bit. a leader. That is the best way I can explain who she is. She has been diagnosed with cancer three times. She is currently undergoing treatment; however, through this trial she has not stopped to think about others and how she can take this situation and make something amazing happen for someone in need.

Through Reba’s Vision and Baskets of Hope, Reba is providing women in the West Valley of Arizona Free 3 D Mammograms to women with no insurance or if their insurance no longer cover this. Aside from raising money for this cause, she is also giving free wigs to women in need that have lost their hair because of chemo. It saddened me to know that some a majority of women feel to helpless and sad because they lose their hair.

Reba is shipping wigs everywhere, including Mexico and Canada. Share this episode or Reba’s information with as many people as you can. We never know who we might be able to help if they only knew of Reba’s Vision and Baskets of Hope.

Link: https://open.spotify.com/episode/7vRJ8MIi3mBZPYV17QX7kz?si=X49y_16NQT-wI1NMHwfrTg