September 2016 Highlights

The First Baptist Church Lander, Wyoming had donated hats.

We just received this amazing shipments of hats for women and children to use while in treatment for cancer. They were Donated by the ladies from the First Baptist  Church Lander Wyoming.  Thank you so much.

If you need some please let me know.  Phone: (623) 734- 0507   Email:


The Pink Roadhouse Mammo Fund

New partnership ” The Pink Roadhouse Mammo Fund/ Rebas Vision” teaming up to provide AC service at no cost to women battling breast cancer in the West Valley. 2016-09-PinkRoadhouse-AC

Women’s Day Out Expo in Glendale

Please come out and see Reba’s Vision this Saturday at the Women’s Day Out Expo in Glendale it will be a fun-filled day with lots of prizes and goodies given away stop by and say hi and see what you can do to help stomp out breast cancer in the West Valley.  More Information

Expo in Glendale