#InForTheKill Podcast

#InForTheKill Podcast


Attention to anyone reading this! If you know anyone with breast cancer that does not have medical insurance, be sure to share Reba’s information with them that is on the description of this episode. Reba Mason is an incredible human being.

Prior to meeting her, I had an excitement to meet someone like her and she did not disappoint one bit. a leader. That is the best way I can explain who she is. She has been diagnosed with cancer three times. She is currently undergoing treatment; however, through this trial she has not stopped to think about others and how she can take this situation and make something amazing happen for someone in need.

Through Reba’s Vision and Baskets of Hope, Reba is providing women in the West Valley of Arizona Free 3 D Mammograms to women with no insurance or if their insurance no longer cover this. Aside from raising money for this cause, she is also giving free wigs to women in need that have lost their hair because of chemo. It saddened me to know that some a majority of women feel to helpless and sad because they lose their hair.

Reba is shipping wigs everywhere, including Mexico and Canada. Share this episode or Reba’s information with as many people as you can. We never know who we might be able to help if they only knew of Reba’s Vision and Baskets of Hope.

Link: https://open.spotify.com/episode/7vRJ8MIi3mBZPYV17QX7kz?si=X49y_16NQT-wI1NMHwfrTg

Living with Cancer

It’s been a day….

Today has been a rough day for me to say the least. Living day in and day out with a cancer that won’t leave your body takes a huge toll on you mentally and physically.  It has a name:  Stage 4 Metastatic Breast Cancer! It has an evil name.. “cancer!” it is holding up residency in all of my bones.

It’s a cancer that doesn’t like to stay in one place. Bone pain, joint pain, muscle pain, memory loss, breaking bones, hair loss, are just some symptoms of this evil. This evil that won’t leave. I’m human and I cry, and I have panic attacks (which I’ve never had before), like many women in my shoes. Day in and day out I hear and see “Cancer-free” all around me and I am so ecstatic for them and want to jump up for joy (I may not jump for joy in the fear of breaking a bone.. but I am Cheering them on), and Praising Jesus!! Praise HIM for healing my friends! Praise HIM for giving them the chance to finish out this life… a life where God can tell them “Well Done!” I pray for my friends dealing with this evil.

On the outside I look normal, I don’t look “sick.” Unless you knew me, you would never know I was battling this aggressive evil. I use a cane most days to keep my balance steady as this evil has taken up residency in my knee! Taken up residency on my right leg now also. WHOO HOO!!!!,  It’s Taken up residency in all of my bones. Also in my left kidney and liver Have I fallen? Yes, many times. I haven’t broken a bone (yet). Praying I don’t break a bone. I’m sure that’ll hurt like hell! I pick myself back up or Steve helps me up LOL, I dust myself off, shed a tear or two, or many if needed, and keep moving forward.

This is NOT my life. This is not the life I chose for myself or my family. This is a hiccup (or a detour as some would call it) in my life. There is so much I want to do and so much I want to see before God calls me Home! I’d love to take a vacation to Ireland ?? (better start saving now.. ) with my family, husband, and kids (and whoever else wants to join us), purchase that sports car, I want to watch my kids grow up, graduate from school, play sports, graduate from college or the military, get married, have children of their own! Enjoy my family and make memories with them.

Everyone has offered to push me around in a wheelchair. Yes! I have one.. and I use it on those bad days when my cane just doesn’t do the job!  We never know what plans God has for us. Life is short!! Don’t mess this one up, this is the only one you get!!  I remember one of my last prayers to God when I found out that the cancer was gone last year. I do continue to pray daily! I asked God to use me in any way to help those become closer to him…. not realizing I’d be back in the same boat but in worst shape.  I can say.. with this journey, more and more people are coming to Christ! Amen!!

One of my biggest fears that I’ve had to face was the fear of not waking up after falling asleep at night. I recently realized why my insomnia has been so bad. This is it! The devil has gotten into my head! No more! God is in the drivers seat, and I am His passenger! I spoke with my cardiologist whom I saw this past week (Christian and a true believer). My cardiologist confirmed that I have a strong heart (with medication), and there should be no reason for my heart to fail. No reason I shouldn’t wake up!  This fear is no longer! It’s Gone! The Devil lost on this one! Amen!!  I share this with you as we only have one life to live here on Earth. The question is.. how do you want to spend your time? Worrying about tomorrow? Banking as much money as you can and not helping others that are truly in need?

What is your passion? What are you going to do differently tomorrow that will impact another human being today? I love ? you all very much!!

I am in no way seeking sympathy with my post. God has me and will continue to take care of me.


Reba Mason-Mikutowicz 

Reba’s Vision and Baskets of Hope

Arnold Hickey with Realty One Group interviews Reba Mason-Mikutowicz with Reba’s Vision and Baskets Of Hope, meet the owner, Reba Mason-Mikutowicz.

Note: This article is about Reba’s Vision and Baskets of Hope. Please visit their profile page to find more information and review the business.

Reba’s Vision gains 2nd Act Grant

Several events scheduled for October – By Rusty Bradshaw (Independent Newsmedia)

Women who want to get 3-D digital mammograms have an outlet to get them free of charge, thanks to two organizations devoted to helping fight breast cancer.

Reba’s Vision, operated by Surprise resident Reba Mason-Mikutowicz, a victim of breast cancer herself, received a grant from A 2nd Act to provide 10 women with the 3-D mammograms.  One of the main goals for Reba’s Vision is to provide 3-D mammograms.

A 2nd Act’s mission is recognizing that healing is helping to celebrate and support women survivors of all cancers who are using their newly realized gifts of life and experience to give back for the greater good.

Ms. Mason-Mikutowicz was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2011 and underwent a double mastectomy, through which it was discovered she had 3c invasive ductal carinoma.  She went through three different rounds of chemo, all 16 weeks, and more than 96 rounds of readiation.


Macy’s employees honored by Peoria Fire and Medical for saving customer’s life

Employees of the Macy’s at Arrowhead Mall were honored Wednesday by Peoria Fire and Medical after they used CPR to save a customer’s life.

PEORIA, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) — Employees at the Macy’s in Arrowhead Mall were recognized Wednesday morning for their quick thinking that helped save a woman’s life.

According to Peoria Fire and Medical, Reba Mason was shopping at the Macy’s on July 10 when she fell unconscious. She was in full cardiac arrest, not breathing and didn’t have a pulse.


[READ MORE: Cancer warrior says she owes her life to Macy’s employees in Peoria]

Several managers at the Macy’s who had taken CPR training classes jumped into action and began doing CPR on her.

Peoria-Fire and Medical paramedics responded and took over CPR. Mason regained her pulse and was able to breathe on her own while on the way to the hospital.

Mason is currently battling breast cancer and is recovering from the cardiac event.

Peoria-Fire and Medical honored the employees and hopes that this will encourage other corporate offices, small businesses and organizations to learn CPR.

“We are so proud of Princella, Rosy, Claudette and Amy, our Macy’s Arrowhead colleagues, for their quick action and heroism last week. We are especially grateful for Reba’s recovery,” said Colleen Liard, store manager at Macy’s Arrowhead. “At Macy’s, our executives are trained in CPR specifically for situations such as this, and we are delighted that they were able to successfully put their training into practice.”


Source: https://www.azfamily.com/shows/good_morning_arizona/macy-s-employees-honored-by-peoria-fire-and-medical-for/article_7a12b2fe-a8ab-11e9-a732-0705c8aa6e6a.html


Valley woman praises Macy’s workers at Arrowhead Mall for saving her life

By: Angie Koehle

Reba Mason jokes that shoe shopping saved her life last week. Mason is a breast cancer patient and the founder of Reba’s Vision, a non-profit to help survivors with expenses. She just left an appointment on Tuesday after having the pain medicine changed in her implanted pump. She later learned something went terribly wrong.


GLENDALE, AZ — Reba Mason jokes that shoe shopping saved her life last week.

“I don’t remember driving to Macy’s. That’s the scary part. I could’ve killed someone,” Mason said.

Mason is a breast cancer patient and the founder of Reba’s Vision, a non-profit to help survivors with expenses. She just left an appointment on Tuesday after having the pain medicine changed in her implanted pump. She later learned something went terribly wrong.

“A little bit of medicine leaked into my body,” she said.

Essentially it caused her to overdose and go into cardiac arrest. But fortunately, she wasn’t at home alone, where she would’ve normally been. She was right in the middle of the Macy’s at Arrowhead Mall.

“These people jumped into action with no thought about it. They just did it,” she said.

It turns out those people were Macy’s managers. Coincidentally, they recently had mandatory CPR training, and by chance, there was a manager meeting at that very time, so all of the managers were there. When a call went out over the loudspeaker for a customer in distress, the freshly-trained staff rushed to her. They started CPR and worked on her for ten minutes until paramedics from Peoria could get there.

Though the mall is in Glendale, Peoria’s crew was closer. She can’t begin to express her gratitude for each one of the people who helped her.

“There’s not enough gratitude in the world to tell you just how thankful and grateful I am,” she said.

When Mason woke up in ICU, she was given the two pair of shoes she bought. She later found out she actually purchased three pairs. She looks forward to picking up the third pair and meeting those workers again, but under much better circumstances.

“My husband wouldn’t have a wife today if not for all of them,” she said.

A spokesperson for Peoria fire confirms the employees saved her life. The department plans to honor them at an event this week.


Source: https://www.abc15.com/news/region-west-valley/glendale/valley-woman-praises-macys-workers-at-arrowhead-mall-for-saving-her-life



Party Invitation

Thusday, June 13, 2019 5:00 pm – 7:30 pm

Glendale Women’s Club
7032 N. 56th Avenue

You’re Invited to Celebrate with Us!

Reba’s Vision Grand Ribbon Cutting

With the Glendale Chamber of Commerce

DJ Curtis Whipple providing the tunes.
Raffle Prizes, Food, Adult Beverages
Wine samples Provided By Wines By Humanity Diana Pompa